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Solving for the Test Maintenance Problem

December 8, 2022

Solving for the Test Maintenance Problem

Is test maintenance a constant letdown? We can show you how to conquer it.

We know that many organizations are:

  • Unable to achieve the desired test automation coverage
  • Having some level of disconnect within the team between QA analysts and QA automation engineers
  • Tired of laborious test  script maintenance
  • Struggling with bugs that still escape into production

There is a solution! 

In this webinar we will show you how the QA team including manual testers can build clean and robust automated tests, and also solve the problem of test maintenance.

We will show you how we have helped companies achieve desired test coverage with only manual testers, and reduce their defect escape rate. Being able to create much cleaner tests and spend remarkably less time on maintenance has also helped them to achieve 90% test coverage in only 9 months.

testRigor empowers manual testers to own the automation process using no code.

Build Tests 15X Faster

testRigor does the heavy lifting. Just focus on the right words to express what needs to be tested instead of getting bogged down with coding nuances and test maintenance. Build tests which run in all Desktop, Mobile browsers and Native mobile applications.

AI-powered by common app and industry data

testRigor's AI is trained on tens of thousands of industry-leading websites and applications. You can customize the rules to include your application-specific functions as needed.

Adapt To New Functionality With Ease

testRigor survives UI framework changes, eliminating repetitive test maintenance. You can adapt to new changes with a few clicks of a button and a few plain-English words.

For QA Teams

Reduce time wasted on repetitive and time-consuming manual regression testing and script maintenance, so you can refocus your testing efforts on branch, discovery and other high-value, sophisticated testing. 


For Engineering Teams

Automatically generate 1000s of tests based on how users interact with your application in production or create tests manually 15x faster with 99.5% less maintenance. 

For DevOps

Integrate with Jenkins/Spinnaker/CircleCI or any other CI/ CD system easily. Enable team’s scalability and speed. Enjoy delivering 10X value to the business.

Executive Illustration

For Executives & Product Leaders

Test and ship faster while ensuring product credibility for each release. Increased testing script stability allows peace of mind with ample test coverage, minimal maintenance, and management.